Old Man (NPC)
Old Man
Type NPC
Health 250
Defense 15
Sells Nothing

The Old Man is an NPC that spawns at the dungeon in Pre-Hardmode. He is not affected by enemies and is not a town NPC. When talking to him at Night he will allow the player to summon Skeletron. at Daytime he will refuse the player the ability to fight Skeletron, and tells him/her that they may not enter the dungeon.

After Skeletron has been defeated by the player the Old Man appears to have turned into the Clothier. The Clothier thanks the player for "saving him" and that adds to the effect that he was the Old Man before Skeletron was defeated. The only differences between the Old Man and the Clothier is the eye color, the hat and the quality of the clothing.


  • The Old Man is the only NPC with visible red eyes.
  • The Old Man can be hurt with Lava, Dart Traps, which cause normal damage and posion effects and Explosives, and will take damage from a rolling Boulder like all other NPCs. There is no effect to killing the Old Man though, as his death does not eliminate the Dungeon Guardians nor does he drop any items or coins.
  • If the Old Man dies or the player fails to defeat Skeletron the Old Man will respawn the next day at the Dungeon.
  • Most Dungeon entrances generate just barely above zero depth, which means before Skeletron is defeated the dungeon is not accessible due to Dungeon Guardians.
  • It is possible for the Old Man to fall beneath zero depth of the dungeon, preventing the player from summoning Skeletron until the Old Man returns above zero depth or dies. this is only possible when the player is not near the dungeon.

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