Pets are little critters summoned via items. They follow the player who spawned them.

Their main purpose is aesthetics, but some also damage enemies and even block certain projectiles that would hurt the player.

Device exclusive petsEdit

PET ITEM (used to summon) Source **Buff/Tooltip Other
AndroidAndroid* Shiny Black Slab Chests

Buff - Beep Boop Beep!

Tooltip - Summons a pet android.

Damages enemies


  • The Android pet is only available on the Android versions of the mobile game. Also, at first, the iOS version had a Guinea Pig instead.
  • The pet buffs could only be read on the first few versions of the game.

Console/Mobile exclusive petsEdit



Bat Pet

Vial of Blood

Vial of Blood

Vampire miner,

Gold chest

Summons a pet bat Damages enemies


Slime Pet

Petri Dish

Petri Dish


Gold Chest

Summons a pet slime



Beeswax (previously 'Honeycomb')


Dragon Hornet,

Gold Chest

Summons a pet tiphia Damages enemies
Guinea Pig Cabbage

Dragon Snatcher,


Gold chest

Summons a pet guinea pig
Zombie Brain

The Groom,

Gold Chest,

Shadow Chest

Summons a pet zombie Damages enemies


Werewolf Pet

Wolf fang

Wolf Fang
Gold Chest Summons a pet werewolf Damages enemies

Mobile Exclusive petsEdit

Pet Item Source Item tooltip Oher
Elfa Holiday Bauble Tree, during Christmas time Damages enemies

Leprechaun o'Fyffe

Pot o' Gold Crafted with 5 rainbow Pieces, during St. Patrick's Day
Cupid Broken heart crystal Gems, during Valentine's Day
Worm Pet Suspicious Looking Apple

Giant Worm,



Eater of Worlds

Has chat bubbles
Old Lady Old Walking Stick Bought from clothier at night
Turkey pet Turkey feather Bought from Merchant during Thanksgiving Can be used to summon Turkor (this will consume the Turkey Feather!)


  • DroneDrone pet - This pet would have been summoned with the Mysterious Package.
    • It would fly to the player, and sometimes drop books.
    • It is assumed it was going to be available to the Amazon Apps users
  • Golden Turtle pet - This pet would have been summoned with the Golden Seaweed


  • A lot of the only mobile pets are exclusive to certain times of the year.
  • The Golden Turtle pet (mobile) shouldn't be confused with the Turtle pet (PC)

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