Type Slime
Health 150 Heart
Attack 5
Defense 5
Drops 1-2 GoldCoin Small

Gel Gel 1-2 (100%)

Slime Staff Slime Staff (0.01%)

Slime Banner (placed) Slime Banner (0.5%)

Pinky is a very rare type of Slime that may spawn in the Forest. It has a very high health for a pre-Hardmode enemy, but makes up for it by having a damage lower than that of any other monster (except the Giant Worm, which is about as rare). Pinky seems to spawn only on occasion, and spawns first around when the player starts a new world.


  • Pinky drops more money than almost any monster, excluding bosses and minibosses. It drops enough to get the player the Merchant right away.

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