Piranha Gun
Type Weapon/Ranged Weapon/Gun
Damage 34
Speed 29 (Average)
Knockback 1 (Extremely Weak)

The Piranha Gun is a late game weapon which can be found inside of a Jungle Chest within the Dungeon .

The Piranha Gun has the shape of a piranha and will fire a single mechanical piranha that will return (much like a boomerang) if it does not find a target or hits terrain. If the piranha finds a target, it will chase, attack, and kill valid targets, then return.

Notes Edit

  • The Piranha Gun is very good for clearing swarms of enemies, since once it kills one, it goes after others. It will continuously attack an enemy until it is dead. It has a very long range, but the shots only chase enemies on the way forward, although it still does damage if it connects with an enemy on the way back.
  • The gun fires a mechanical piranha when the fire button is held, and it will continue to seek out enemies in that direction after the first is killed, regardless of their position or any structures blocking the path. Before hitting the first enemy, the piranha cannot penetrate walls. Releasing fire at any point will return the piranha to the gun.
  • The Piranha Gun qualifies as a ranged weapon, but does not use ammo and thus is unaffected by the ammo-specific boosts provided by the Shroomite Armour  pieces. All generic boosts to ranged damage, including stealth, will still boost this weapon's damage properly.
  • As with most ranged weaponry, the best prefix this weapon can attain is Unreal.
  • The Piranha Gun may be a reference to the movie Despicable Me, in which the villain makes a piranha gun.



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