Possessed Armor
Possessed Armor
Type Enemy
Health 260 Heart
Attack 55
Defense 28
Drops 4 SilverCoin Small

Possessed Armor is a Hardmode enemy which spawns at the surface and underground at night. It walks quickly, and can open doors regardless of it being a Blood Moon or not. It casts a motion blur similar to that of the Shadow Armor.

Possessed Armor is immune to the Poisoned and On Fire! debuffs.


  • Try using Weapons that do continuous Damage because their movement can be slowed down insanely even in air.
  • Possessed Armor can open doors.
  • Its sprite looks similar to the Ancient Cobalt Armor sprite, except with the Iron Armor helmet.
  • It seems to be the Hardmode equivalent to the Zombie enemy, with its high spawn rates during night, and basic fighter style AI.

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