Type Monster
Health 200
Attack Ranged: 25

Melee: 50

Defense 20
Drops Heart Heart - 100%

Mana Crystal Mana Star - 100%

The Probe is a unique flying and burrowing enemy that is sent out from The Destroyer  as it takes damage. When probes are deployed, they are invincible to attacks for a short period of time. Probes shoot lasers which do moderate damage, though the lasers themselves do not pass through solid blocks.


Most notably, Probes have a 100% chance to drop a Heart upon death. For this reason, killing Probes while fighting The Destroyer is an excellent source of healing.


  • Like The Destroyer, Probes are immune to lava.
  • The red orbs on The Destroyer's body are actually Probes. When one of the red orbs takes enough damage, the Probe will detach from The Destroyer.
    • After all the orbs are gone, no more Probes can spawn. This means that The Destroyer cannot shoot lasers once all of the Probes have been defeated.
  • Note that, unlike the Destroyer, Probes are not immune to status effects making them easy to kill with cursed bullets or other effects.

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