Pumpking Full Body
Type Boss
Health 22000
Attack 50
Defense 36
Drops 5 GoldCoin Small

The Horseman's Blade The Horseman's Blade (1.79-14.29%)

Bat Scepter Bat Sceper (1.79-14.29%)

Black Fairy Dust Black Fairy Dust (1.79-14.29%)

Spider Egg Spider Egg (1.79-14.29%)

Candy Corn Rifle Candy Corn Rifle (1.79-14.29%)

Raven Staff Raven Staff (1.79-14.29%)

Jack 'O Lantern Launcher Jack 'O Lantern Launcher (1.79-14.29%)

Candy Corn Candy Corn 50-100 (100%) (With Candy Corn Rifle)

Explosive Jack 'O Lantern Explosive Jack 'O Lantern 25-50 (100%) (With Jack 'O Lantern Launcher)

Pumpking Trophy Pumpking Trophy (100%)

Pumpking is an event boss added in the 1.2 update. He spawns in the Pumpkin Moon on waves 7 - 15. The pumpkin moon can be spawned using the Pumpkin Moon Medallion. He is a very strong enemy but is only considered as a mini boss.


Pumpking constantly switches between 3 different attack patterns at random. Its facial expression can help determine which attack mode he is going to switch to. When switching attack modes, his head rotates to reveal a new expression.

Pumpking face

Mode 1

The face resembles a normal jack-o-lantern, with a sinister grin. Pumpking attacks aggressively with melee swipes with its Scythe arms.

Mode 2

Pumpking's mouth is partially open. Its Scythe arms will fire large yellow Scythe-shaped projectiles, or "Flame Scythes." This is similar to the Demon Scythe, where the fired projectiles are in static for a few seconds, before gradually beginning to spin and fly at the player with increasing speed, dealing massive hit-damage.

Mode 3

The face now shows his anger, with the mouth becoming an 'O' shape. Pumpking follows from from a longer distance and spits "Greek Flame" projectiles that are ?dodgeable? as they fall with a little force. They remain on the ground for a short time and can inflict damage upon contact.


  • If not beaten before 4:30 A.M, all active Pumpkings will retreat straight down into the ground where they will despawn.
  • Up to 7 of them (more in multiplayer) can attack simultaneously during the final wave (Wave 15).
  • Pumpking will retreat underground if all players die.


  • Ironically, The Horseman's Blade drops from the Pumpking and not actually from the Headless Horseman. This could be because Moon Events have Bosses that drop more powerful items.
  • "Pumpking" is a combination of "Pumpkin" and "King."


Pumpking face