Pygmy Staff
Type Weapon/Summon Weapon
Damage 34
Speed 27 (Average)
Knockback 3 (Very Weak)

The Pygmy Staff is a summoning weapon that is dropped by the Hard Mode boss, Plantera . The staff allows, initially, for the player to summon one Pygmy Minion that acts like a pet and follows the user around. If a enemy is close, it'll charge and throw it's spears at it. Pygmie's attacks often miss if the target if moving.

Notes Edit

  • Other minions can be summoned alongside the pygmies, but the minion capacity will be shared among other minions.
  • The best prefix this weapon can have is Ruthless.
  • The player can have more than one pygmy, but the player has to be wearing a full set of Tiki Armor, while equipped with the Pygmy Necklace and the Necromatic Scroll.
  • Having a Pygmy Staff in your inventory while talking to the Witch Doctor , will allow you to buy more items from the Witch Doctor.

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