Rainbow Rod
Rainbow Rod
Casts a controllable rainbow
Type Magic Weapon
Damage 84
Speed 6
Knockback 6

The Rainbow Rod is a Hardmode magic weapon that launches a mouse-controllable projectile, similar to the Flamelash or Magic Missile . The projectile is white, and emits a good deal of light that rotates through the entire color spectrum. Unlike the Flamelash, the Rainbow Rod's projectile can move through Water without dissipating, as well as Lava. It can be controlled for up to one minute before dissipating. It's best Modifier is Mythical.


  • The Rainbow Rod can also be used to light areas remotely.
  • Hovering over any slots in the inventory (should it be open) will cause the loss of control of any controlled projectile, flinging it forwards in the direction the cursor was last moving.
  • The Rainbow Rod can be grouped with multiple projectiles to cause massive damage upon impact of an enemy.



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