Rainbow Slime
Rainbow slime
Type Slime
Health 400 Heart
Attack 85
Defense 26
Drops 20 SilverCoin Small

Gel Gel (1-20)

Rainbow Brick v2 Rainbow Bricks (30-59)

The Rainbow Slime is a type of large Slime that spawns rarely in the Hallow during a Rainstorm. It is a very dangerous enemy, despite its simple AI, and is the strongest slime (excluding the King Slime) in all but defense, where the Illuminant Slime wins.


  • The Rainbow Slime has unique spawning conditions. It will only spawn outside of the Hallow biome during a Rainstorm or a Blizzard, but only if the player is physically within the Hallowed biome.
    • This means that it spawns on normal Grass or Snow blocks instead of on actual Hallowed blocks.
  • Rainbow Slimes are more common in Hallowed Snow Biomes since there are fewer surface hallow blocks.


  • The Hallow is the location of both of the deadliest slimes, the Rainbow and Illuminant Slimes.
    • The Gastropod may also be counted as a Slime, making the Hallow the location of the three deadliest slimes.
  • It is immune to Poisoned and Venom Debuffs.

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