Type Undead Enemy
Health 300 Heart
Attack 80
Defense 18
Drops 15 SilverCoin Small

1 Death Sickle

1 Reaper Banner

A Reaper is an enemy that spawns during a Solar Eclipse event in Hardmode. They are functionally similar to Wraiths, but with higher stats. They are far more dangerous than normal Wraiths, as they not only do enough damage to be threats to even late-game-armored players, but also move significantly faster than wraiths, and, thanks to the higher spawn rate of the Solar Eclipse, often attack from multiple directions at once.

Similar to Wraiths, they are incapable of ascending more than a few tiles above solid blocks. Standing on a platform several tiles above the ground or use of wings or rocket boots allows players to shoot down upon them with impunity if they are going to be surrounded.

They are immune to all debuffs and lava.


  • They follow the same AI as Wraiths.
  • Fortunately, they are quite vulnerable to knockback, and like many creatures that pass through blocks, weapons that normally don't harm enemies through blocks, like most melee weapons, will damage them.
  • Unlike almost all enemies that spawn during the Solar Eclipse, this mob is not based off of a horror movie.

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