These are the rules and regulations of the wiki- please follow them, do not break any rules. Breaking of rules may result in warnings or even bans.

Section A: Language & Grammar

Rule 1

Please do not use any bad or abusive language. Religious comments will not be tolerated- this is a site for kids. Freedom of Speech is allowed as long as not directed at others.

Rule 2

Please do not disregard anyone's opinion- everyone has a right to speak, so please post in a civilized manner.

Rule 3

Any thread with word "ban" or abuse will be closed immediately.

Rule 4

We prefer our pages to be well-written, so please try not to use incorrect grammar. If you are confused about anything, please contact our admins and ask them.

Section B: Spam

Rule 1

No spam on any page will be tolerated. Users will be banned after the second warning.

Rule 2

Please do not spam any user's wall- if you feel you need to express your views, please do it elsewhere.

Rule 3

Using inappropriate language on a page will never be tolerated.

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