Rune Wizard
Rune Wizard
Type Hardmode Caster
Health 600
Attack 200
Defense 30
Drops Rune Hat (100%)

Rune Robe (100%)

Rune Wizard is a Hardmode Caster enemy that spawn Underground once Hardmode is initiated. It spawns very rarely, and is very dangerous as it fires projectiles that do very high damage and can pierce terrain. The Rune Wizard is often considered one of the Hardest enemies in the game.


The Rune Wizard fires 8 penetrating projectiles, and then will teleport to a random location. It can be extremely dangerous when in contact, killing a new Hardmode player in approximately 3 hits. 


  • It is engulfed in green and yellow particles, making it hard to see.
  • It may sometimes teleport behind Hardmode Ores which the player cannot mine, making it impossible to attack.
  • Unlike other casters, its projectiles cannot be deflected.

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