Type Weapon/Ranged Weapon
Damage 18
Speed 44 (very slow)
Knockback 6.5 (strong)

 The Shotgun is a Hardmode Ranged weapon that fires four bullets but consumes only one ammo, making it an upgrade to the Boomstick (fires 3 bullets) and a pre-grade to the Tactical Shotgun (six bullets).The Arms Dealer sells it for 25 GoldCoin Small.


  • Though it fires 6 bullets at once, they are not focused on one area, making it a bit hard to aim on smaller/fast enemies.
  • It is very slow compared to the Clockwork Assault Rifle .
  • Every blast is randomized, making it nearly impossible to hit the same spot twice unless at point blank range.
  • If used with Meteor Shot, the mechanics of piercing will cause an invincibility timer to be activated as soon as the first shot hits and pierces. This will cause only the first shot to do damage.
  • Shotguns work best with Chlorophyte Bullets, as they home on a target.