Skeletron (Boss)
Skeletron Head
Skeletron Head
Type Pre-Hardmode Boss
Health 4400 Heart
Attack 32
Defense 10

0 (while spinning)

Drops 100% Chance

GoldCoin Small 5

Lesser Healing Potion Lesser Healing Potion 5-15 (100%)

Skeletron Hand Hook Skeletron Hand Hook (12.24%)

Book of Skulls Book of Skulls (10.50%)

Skeletron Trophy Skeletron Trophy (10%)

Skeletron (Hand) (Boss)
Skeletron Hand
Skeletron Hand
Type Pre-Hardmode Boss
Health 800 Heart
Attack 30
Defense 6
Drops None

Skeletron is a pre-hardmode boss that resembles a skeleton head with two hands. Like most bosses, it can pass through blocks. Skeletron needs to be defeated to gain access to the Dungeon, and to allow the Clothier NPC to spawn.


Skeletron can be spawned by talking to the Old Man present at the entrance of the Dungeon at night. If talked to at day, the Old Man will simply deny and not allow you to activate his 'curse' to spawn Skeletron.


As mentioned above, Skeletron has a head resembling that of a Skeleton, and two large arms. If the player does not kill Skeletron before dawn, it will turn into the Dungeon Guardian and deal 1000 damage to the player and kill them.


Skeletron has two attacks:

  • His head spins and charges the player while his hands remain dormant. In this case, his hands would go about 10 blocks above his head.
  • His head remains still, but his hands charge at the player.

When spinning, the head's defense is lowered from 10 to 0, but its attack increases drastically.