Type Slime/Bat
Health 60 + 90 Heart
Attack 45
Defense 20
Drops 1 SilverCoin Small

Gel Gel 1-2 (100%)

The Slimer is a flying half-bat, half-slime enemy that spawns in the underground Corruption once Hardmode has been unlocked. In its first form, it has 60 health and will fly around, using the Bat AI. However, once this form is killed, it will fall to earth as a Corrupt Slime with 90 health. This can pose a shock to newer players, but the Slimer is not too dangerous if expected and prepared for.



  • The Slimer appears to be wearing a set of Demon Wings, but does not drop them.
  • The Slimer's wings and its body are two separate sprites.
  • The Slimer is the mix of a bat and a slime.
18px-Bug Bug : The Slimer may with its sprite glitched, appearing to not have wings, but still be able to fly.

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