Slimes are common enemies that have a high spawn rate during the day. Some only attack during night time.They have many varieties and sizes; some are hardmode while most are pre-hardmode. Most slimes float on water.


Sprite Slime Health Notes
Green Slime
Green Slime 14 Heart Common Surface Enemy
Blue Slime
Blue Slime 25 Heart Common Surface Enemy
Umbrella Slime
Umbrella Slime 35 Heart Spawns during rain.
Red Slime
Red Slime 35 Heart Spawns underground
Purple Slime
Purple Slime 40 Heart Spawns only in outer thirds of worlds
Yellow Slime
Yellow Slime 45 Heart Spawns underground
Black Slime
Black Slime 45 Heart May cause "Darkness' debuff
Ice Slime
Ice Slime 30 Heart Can inflict 'Chilled'
Spiked Ice Slime
Spiked Ice Slime 60 Heart Spawns in underground snow.
Bunny Slime
Bunny Slime 60 Heart Spawns in the forest only during Halloween.
Jungle Slime
Jungle Slime 60 Heart Spawns in Jungles
Spiked Jungle Slime
Spiked Jungle Slime 65 Heart Spawns in the Underground Jungle; shoots spikes; can inflict Poisoned
Mother Slime
Mother Slime 90 Heart Spawns Baby Slimes
Baby Slime
Baby Slime 30 Heart Spawns from Mother Slime
Lava Slime
Lava Slime 50 Heart Immune to Lava, Spawns in Underworld
Dungeon Slime
 Dungeon Slime 150 Heart

Drops Golden keyon death.

Pinky 150 Heart Rare spawn on Surface
Corrupt Slime
Corrupt Slime 170 Heart Spawns Slimelings, Hardmode
Rainbow Slime
Rainbow Slime 400 Heart Only spawn in Hallow during Rain, Hardmode
Slimeling 90 Heart Spawns from Corrupt Slime, Hardmode
Slimer 60 Heart Spawns in the corruption, has wings, Hardmode
Toxic Sludge
Toxic Sludge 150 Heart May poison enemy, Hardmode
Crimslime 200 Heart Spawns in Crimson, Hardmode
Illuminant Slime
Illuminant Slime 180 Heart Spawns in underground Hallow, Hardmode
King Slime
King Slime 2000 Heart Pre-Hardmode Boss
Gastropod 220 Heart Spawns in Hallow during night, Hardmode
Hoppin' Jack
Hoppin' Jack 175 Heart Spawns during Hallowe'en, Hardmode


Slimes are neutral, meaning they do not attack the player until attacked or came into contact with, although at night they become hostile. Slimes spawned underground are always hostile, though. They float in water and attack the player by jumping.


Slimes may drop the following items:

  • 1-4 Gel
  • Gold Key (Dungeon Slimes)
  • Ninja Clothing (King Slime)
  • Rainbow Brick (10-80) (Rainbow Slime)
  • 1 Gold Coin (Pinky)


  • The King Slime is the only slime boss.
  • The Green Slime is the 'monster' that appears in the tutorial.
  • The Mother Slimes are the only slimes that spawns more slimes.
  • They are the basic mobs that are used for torches.
  • Toxig Sludge, Hoppin' Jack, and Pinky are the only slimes without the word "slime" in their name.