To all those New Terrarians out there, this is to help you get past that Ocram dude. (Dont click Ocram until you're in hardmode) and all the things between! Ok so are you ready?

Starting outEdit

Make a  character by pushing a create character button.  Then name your world and character. You just made your character and opened your VERY first world but you are clueless on what to do, so start out by using your axe to chop down trees. Hint: Chop the bottom of the tree in order to chop down the whole tree. Once you have 60-100 wood, build a 6X10 box on a flat surface and mine out the bottom 3 on both sides. Then craft a Crafting Table. A crafting table is used for 67% of the crafting recipes in the entire game. Craft a door(s), a table,  40 walls, and a chair. Place them all in the house (wood walls in the entire back ground) and the doors in the 3X1 holes. Soon after the guide (should) move into the house. Before night you should get: 20 stone, Loot from 1-5 chests and lots and lots of gel. Make a torch then place it in the home THEN the guide will move in. There you go! Stay in that shelter until day and you'll survive your first day!

Spelunking (Underground and surface layers)Edit

So it's day 2 and your ready to go mining. If you find a yellow marigold then make a house! Blue berries also work. Anyway go not far from home and if you find a cave, go down it. If not, make a shaft to a cave. While your underground you should get: 39 iron/lead, 2 heart crystals, and some other ores and chests. There will be some enemies down here like: Pinky, Slimes, and the, yet rare, Nymph. Anyway, now it's time for surface spelunking. While your up there get: Enough coins for 50 coins and the some more wood for houses, yellow marigolds, Blue berries and maybe 1-2 chests. Build a house for the merchant,  and soon enough he will move in! If you don't have enough money, sell blue berries and yellow marigolds.

Spelunking: The caverns!Edit

You'll know when you're in the caverns when the background changes. Find a spider web or glowing mushroom biome. Spider web: you can find it when wall creepers and webs spawn. There are chests here but not many. Now is the time for other things like an anvil and a new sword and pick. At least tungsten/silver is recommended. Glowing mushroom biome: The background changes and when you mine the ground its mud. There is glowing mushrooms (mushroom trees) and very little things here. If you pack some glowing mushrooms you can craft them into Healing options (yes, no more lesser). Ok! Now your done with the caverns! Now you need to prepare for the Eye Of Cthulu.

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