Stylist (NPC)
Type NPC
Health 250 Heart
Defense 15

The Stylist is an NPC that can change the players hair style and colour. She also sells a variety of Hair Dyes which can apply effects to the players hair. Changing you hair style to another normal style cost 1 GoldCoin Small, while special hairstyles cost 5 GoldCoin Small, and changing the hair colour costs 1 GoldCoin Small. Hair dyes can range in price from 1 GoldCoin Small to 30 GoldCoin Small.

The Stylist can be found trapped in cobwebs, in Spider Nests. Similar to Goblin Tinkerer, Mechanic, Wizard and Angler, she will be freed once you speak to her and she will move in once an empty house is made.


  • A trapped Stylist can still be killed by Spiders, as one hit can initially kill her.


  • The Stylist was created fro an official NPC design contest.
  • The phrase "X they said, it would be Y they said" comes from the comic series Asterix (1963) and one of their catch phrases is "Join up, they said! It's a man's life, they said!"
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