Stynger Bolt
Stynger Bolt
Explodes into deadly shrapnel
Type Ammunition
Effects Unknown
Source Golem
Cost to buy 75 CopperCoin Small
Cost to sell 15 CopperCoin Small

 Stynger Bolts are ammunition used for the Stynger and have a 100% drop rate from the Golem only if the Stynger itself is dropped. You can also by the Stynger Bolts from the Witch Doctor or Arms Dealer as long as you have the Stynger in your inventory.

  Stynger Bolts explode on collision and release up to 5 pieces of explosive shrapnel that also deal damage. The blast has a 5 tile radius while the shrapnel only has a 3 tile radius. Also, the explosion does nothing to the player.


  • When the player is wearing Shroomite armour, Stynger Bolts are categorized as Rockets.



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