Swords are basic melee weapons that can can be used by the player to attack enemies and players. They can be crafted or be found in chests. As of the 1.2.10061 update you now start off with Wooden Sword instead of a Copper Broadsword when a new character is created. 

On the Mobile Version on Terraria, most or all swords in the game have Auto Swing. This can be beneficial to the player as certain swords can release ranged attacks once swung and continues to do so as long as the player swings in either direction. An example would be the Terra Blade.


There are two types of swords:

  • Broadsword
  • Shortsword


Sprite Name Damage Knockback Speed
Copper Broadsword
Copper Sword 7 Average Fast
Wooden Sword
Wooden Sword 5 Weak Fast
Iron Broadsword
Iron Sword 10 Weak Fast
Silver Broadsword
Silver Sword 11 Average Fast
Gold Broadsword
Gold Sword 13 Average

Very Fast

Bone Sword Bone Sword 16 Average Fast
Starfury 16 Average Fast
Lights Bane 2
Light's Bane 17 Average Very Fast
Muramasa 18 Extremely Weak Very Fast
Phaseblade 21 Very Weak Fast
Blade of Grass
Blade of Grass 28 Very Weak Average
Fiery Greatsword
Fiery Greatsword 36 Strong Slow
Night's Edge
Night's Edge 42 Average Average


Sprite Name Damage Knockback Speed
Cobalt Sword
Cobalt Sword 34 Weak Fast
Mythril Sword
Mythril Sword 39 Average Average
Breaker Blade
Breaker Blade 39 Very Strong Average
Phasesaber 41 Very Weak Fast
Adamantite Sword
Adamantite Sword 44 Average Average
Excalibur 48 Average Fast
Tizona 61 Average Fast