Terra Blade
Terra Blade
Type Endgame Sword/Melee
Damage 88
Speed 15 (Very Fast)
Knockback 6.5 (strong)

Terra Blade is an endgame Hardmode sword and is one of the hardest swords to acquire. It has the highest base damage out of any sword It shoots projectiles which do not cost mana nor ammo and deals more damage than the sword itself. 

Notes Edit

  • The Terra Blade is one of the weapons with the highest reforge price, starting at 33 gold coins, 33 silver coins, and 33 copper coins.
  • Just like most other melee weapons in the game, the best prefix for this sword is "Legendary".
  • Terra Blade is debatably the strongest sword in the game.


  • The name Terra Blade may be a combination of the words Terraria and Blade.
  • The name might also come from the Latin root: Terra, which means earth.
  • The weapon is possibly a representation of purity, as it's ingredients come from both light (True Excalibur) and darkness (True Night's Edge) to form a green (the color of nature) blade.
  • It was added in the 1.2 Update.
  • As it uses one broken hero sword and two other swords which require Broken Hero Swords , it is insanely hard to craft.
  • Due to its green appearance, some players may belive it needs Chlorophyte Bar in its crafting recipe, although it does not.


  • When the projectile is shot from the blade, it is not shot from the middle of the blade like on other versions. Instead, it is slightly displaced. This same bug also happens with the Scourge of the Corruptor


14px-Anomaly Anomaly: The projectile is supposed to deal equal damage as the sword but in the mobile version it is not so.

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