The Thanksgiving Update was an update for Android and IOS Terraria that added many exclusive features to the game. The release date was 6th of November, 2014.There was a massive glitch where if you had the Oktober Festival Clothes(Female) sold by the Clothier in a chest and you had updated to the Thanksgiving Update it would turn into The Horn O' Plenty,Turkey Feather and the Rotted Stuffing.

This glitch was rarely encountered due to it being available once a Year and only a few people witnessing this after they updating it.

Additions Edit

  • Turkor, a new Boss.
  • A Turkey Pet summonable using Turkey Feathers.
  • Horn of Plenty, an unlimited Healing Potion.

Tweaks Edit

  • Water Candle works even when not holding it.
  • Now holding the buy button will keep on buying until you let go of the screen. (Same as crafting)
  • If you reached maximum health of 400 HP (10 golden hearts) the game increases difficulty, 
  • mainly higher spawn chance & more mobs.
  • Wraith AI fixed.

Update GalleryEdit

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