The Corruption is an environment that spreads to other blocks like The Hallow. It features exclusive enemies, tiles, items and a boss. It has a purple theme to it and is very hazardous for newer players.

Landscape Edit

The Corruption features purple grass and trees along with a dead trees background. It also features Deathweed and corrupted stone known as Ebonstone. It also features Corrupt thorns in hardmode.

Enemies Edit

The Corruption features exclusive enemies:

Pre-Hardmode Edit

Hardmode Edit

Boss Edit

The Corruption features a boss: The Eater of Worlds. It spawns when 3 Shadow Orbs are destroyed. It can also be summoned using Worm Food .

  • It is a big worm, like a devourer.
  • It has high health and is divided into many sections, each needs to be beaten to beat the boss.
  • It drops a high amount of Demonite Ore.
  • It also has a Hardmode Variant, called The Destroyer.

Trivia Edit

  • The Corruption has a variant called Crimson.
  • The corruption spreads actively during Hardmode, like the Hallow.

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