The Destroyer (Boss)
The Destroyer
Type Boss, Burrowing Enemy
Health 80000 Heart
Attack 102/120
Defense 65
Drops 5 GoldCoin Small 100%

Soul of Might Soul of Might 25-40 (100%)

Greater Healing Potion Greater Healing Potion] 5-15 (100%)

Hallowed Bar Hallowed Bar 15-35 (100%)

Destroyer Trophy Destroyer Trophy (10%)

The Destroyer is a Hardmode Boss (one of the three Mechanical Bosses) that is essentially a harder, robotic version of the Eater of Worlds.


Like the Eater of Worlds, The Destroyer is a very large Worm. Though it appears to be similarly made up of many segments, individual segments cannot die, and The Destroyer will not split apart into multiple enemies, instead, it will launch Probes into the air to attack the player. The entire body has a single shared health, and will remain at full size until it is killed.


The Destroyer is summoned using a Mechanical Worm at Night. Night time is the only condition required for summoning. Its arrival is announced by one of two messages: "You feel a quaking from deep underground..." or "You feel vibrations from deep below...." It must be killed before dawn, otherwise it despawns.


Each of The Destroyer's segments contains a red-lit Probe, which are independent flying enemies that are launched periodically as The Destroyer takes damage. They fire lasers at the player, both while within The Destroyer and when detached. Probes can be killed individually once detached. If the red light is missing from a segment, it means the Probe was already launched from that segment.

Type Flying Enemy Minion
Health 200 Heart
Attack 25/50
Defense 20
Drops 1 Heart


  • If you use a Magic Mirror or Recall Potion to escape from the Destroyer, it will not despawn, and will follow you to your spawn, no matter how far away it is.
  • The picture of the Destroyer is just a small preview. The actual boss is extremely long (estimated 150+ blocks, ~86 segments).
  • The Destroyer has the most health of any current Boss.
  • Probes have been proven helpful on defeating the boss as killing these will drop hearts, which can be used to help yourself on defeating the boss.

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