The Hungry
The Hungry
Type Pre-Hardmode Enemy
Health 240 Heart
Attack Varies (30 for Hungry II)
Defense Varies (6 for Hungry II)
Drops 1 Heart

The Hungry are Pre-Hardmode enemies spawned by the Wall of Flesh. They are attached to the Wall by long tendrils, but when their health is taken away, the detach from the wall and attack independently.


The Hungries' attack varies when the Wall of Flesh is at different healths-

  • When the WoF's health is above 75%, they do 30 damage.
  • When the WoF's health is above 50%, they do 45 damage
  • When the WoF's health is above 25%, they do 60 damage
  • When the WoF's health is below 25%, they do 75 damage

The Hungry II do 30 damage regardless of the Wall's health.


  • The Hungry I are incredibly susceptible to knockback as they are -10% immune to knockback.
    • The Hungry II on the other hand, are 20% immune to KB.

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