Tim is a skeleton mage that the player can sometimes find in the Stone Underground layer. He looks like a Dark Caster with a Wizard Hat. He always drops the Wizard Hat and defeating him is the only way to obtain one.

Tim is similar to the other mages in that he fires a projectile 3 times before teleporting. These projectiles are called Chaos Balls, do 20 damage each, and can travel through solid blocks.

Notes Edit

  • Tim very rarely spawns and only in the Stone Layer.
  • He is so far the second rarest monster in the underground, the Lost Girl being rarest.
  • He can be found simply by waiting in the Stone layer, but seems to spawn faster the closer you are to The Underworld.
  • You can increase his chance of spawning using items such as a Water Candle and/or a Battle Potion.
  • The Blood Moon event also increases his spawn chance.
  • Though Tim's robe closely resembles the craftable Robe item, you can not obtain the Robe from him.
  • Additionally, Tim's attacks emit light and can reveal hidden caves after passing through solid blocks.
  • When Tim is slain, he will drop his Wizard Hat, which increases the wearer's defense by 2 and magic damage by 15%.

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