Trees are the only source of wood in the game, and they can be found in any biome, except the desert and underworld. Cutting them down with an axe or chainsaw will always give you wood and sometimes acorns , which can be planted to grow new trees. All trees are about the same width, but their height differs.

Gathering Wood Edit

It is advisable to cut trees at their lowest point at the center, the trunk. If you do not cut at the trunk, only the Wood above and where you are cutting will drop. Also, cutting the sides of the trunk, the roots, will not cut down the whole tree, but only that part. Trees will not grow back if they have been cut down and do not grow larger over time.

Types of Trees/Wood Edit

In the jungle , the trees are made of rich mahogany, in The Corruption, The Crimson and The Hallow, trees are composed of Ebonwood (purple foliage), Shadewood (red foliage) and Pearlwood (rainbow foliage), respectively. If a biome spreads to a tree, the tree will change to match the biome.There are also naturally-spawning, huge trees called the Living Trees, that can be harvested for Wood, and a pickaxe is used on these instead of an axe.

Growing a Tree Edit

You may only place acorns on grassy areas, Snow Blocks or Sand Blocks, any already existing flora (grass, plants) will be cut down when you plant the acorn. Planting an acorn creates a Sapling on the designated tile. Trees cannot be grown at the edge of a step or cliff, next to a step or cliff, or at the edge of a patch of grass, even though you can plant acorns there. While trees can, very rarely, grow a distance of three tiles apart (two empty columns between them), they grow much faster at a distance of four tiles apart (with three empty spaces between them). For these reasons, it is recommended to plant acorns every four tiles on a long flat row of surface grass.

The maximum height for most tree types is 16 tiles high, so a tree farm can have a new level of grass or snow blocks added every 17 tiles high without impeding the growth of the level below. Unlike many plants, saplings will not grow into trees while they are on the screen; they will only grow when not currently in view.

If you ever run out of acorns, you can buy more from the Dryad.

Growth Requirements Edit

Trees planted by the player can grow to a maximum of 16 tiles high. Saplings have the following requirements to become trees:

  1. The sapling's lower tile must have no wall.
  2. There must be a tile of grass to the immediate left and immediate right of the grass the sapling is planted on.
  3. There can be no trees less than three tiles away.
  4. The sapling must not currently be in view on the screen.

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