True Night's Edge
True Night's Edge
Type Broadsword
Damage 78
Speed Fast
Knockback 4.75

True Night's Edge is a Hardmode Sword that is one of the strongest in-game, surpassed only by the Terra Blade . It fires a projectile, which spins unlike other beam swords. Though it is visually similar to the Night's Edge , its power greatly surpasses it with a normal hit damage of 76 and a critical hit damage of 108.


  • The Beam can pass through one block if standing directly adjacent to it, but can not pass through vertical blocks like floors or ceilings.
  • It is very expensive to craft as a Night's Edge and a Broken Hero Sword are needed to craft this.



14px-Anomaly Anomaly: Even though the Night's Edge is available before the Excalibur, it's damage is greater than the latter.

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