Turkor the Ungrateful (Boss)
Turkor the Ungrateful
Type Boss
Health 10,000
Attack 15
Defense 20
Drops 5 GoldCoin Small

Greater Healing Potion Greater Healing Potion 5-20 (100%)

Giant Harpy Feather Feather 1-5 (100%)

Horn 'o' Plenty Horn of Plenty (100%)

Turkor Head (Boss)
Turkor Head
Type Boss
Health 2000
Attack 30
Defense 0
Drops 80 SilverCoin Small- 1 GoldCoin Small

Turkor Body (Boss)
Turkor Body
Type Boss
Health 15,000
Attack 30
Defense 0
Drops 80 SilverCoin Small- 1 GoldCoin Small

Turkor the Ungrateful is a boss that can be summoned while a Turkey Pet is active and a Cursed Stuffing is used. Turkor can be summoned . He appears to be a turkey-like boss, thus the name, and was added in the Christmas update.

  • The Head will attempt to peck you and can move through blocks. Its body does damage upon contact, but does not physically move.
  • Once you destroy the first Head, you will have 25 seconds to hit the body (Attacking the body before the head(s) are dead, will only do about 1 damage).
  • After the 25 seconds, it will regrow 2 Heads. After killing those, you will have another 25 seconds to attack the body. Then, it will grow 3 Heads, and this pattern will continue until this is defeated.
  • When defeated, the message Turker the Ungrateful has been defeated will appear.


  • Turkor will be the 3rd Mobile exclusive boss after Lepus and Ocram.
  • Turkor is a pre-Hardmode boss, but is very difficult to beat and will probably require Hardmode armor and materials.
  • It is also very difficult to obtain the Platinum Coin to buy the cursed stuffing, so they player must be well prepared.
  • It is possible to keep the Feather by placing it in a chest before summoning.
  • Turkor the Ungrateful is the only stationary (non-moving) boss in the game.