Skeleton Miner
Undead Miner
Type Undead Enemy
Health 70
Attack 22
Defense 9
Drops 50? CopperCoin Small

Bomb Bomb 1-3 (91.2%)

Hook (crafting material) Hook (crafting material) (4%)

Mining Shirt Mining Shirt (2.4%)

Mining Pants Mining Pants (2.4%)

Bone Pickaxe Bone Pickaxe (1.33%)

The Undead miner, (Also known as a skeleton Miner) is a Pre-Hardmode mob that spawns commonly in the cavern layer of the world.

When slain it drops 1-3 bombs and has a chance to drop any part of the miner set or a bone pickaxe when killed. The miner set is very useful if you are trying to clear out an area, or if you just want to go on a mining spree, which encourages farming skeleton miners. They have a stronger console/mobile only counterpart called the Vampire Miner.

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