The Wall of Flesh can be very hard to defeat, and it can take some players over 10 attempts to beat. Follow these strategies to beat it easily.


  • As suggested by many players, build a hellbridge out of wooden platforms. Yes, it is time-consuming, but it saves a lot of effort jumping over lava, avoiding hellstone, etc. It allows you to focus on attacking rather than avoiding things.
  • Try getting good accessories, especially that give you lava immunity.
  • Kill off the Hungry then throw about 30 beenades.



  • The Night's Edge can be useful.
  • A phaseblade can be used, not reccomended for tank players who don't dodge much.
  • Alternatively, the Fiery Greatsword can also be used
  • Dark Lance has a high DPS.
  • Thorn Chakram or higher boomerangs can also benefit you.


  • The Molten Fury and/or Sharanga bows can be used.
  • Pheonix Blaster
  • Don't use the Minishark- it barely does any damage even though it is very fast.
  • Star Cannon is one of the best choices.
  • Beenades as long as you kill the Hungry first.


  • Demon Scythe
  • Book of Skulls
  • Diamond Staff
  • Water Bolt


Molten Armor is a must for players using melee, or who are not good dodgers. The WoF deals very high damage, so use lesser armor only if you must.

Dos & Don'tsEdit

  • Don't underestimate it- fully equip yourselves with potions, armor, and weapons. Leave nothing at stake.
  • Don't attack the mouth- it has 10 defense. Aim for the eyes.
  • Do try to stick to ranged unless you have a high damaging melee weapon.
  • Do keep a lot of backup plans- don't try to stick to one weapon, you might run out of ammo/mana.
  • Do stay calm- don't panic, keep calm and execute your plan.

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