Vampire Knives
Type Weapon/Thrown Weapon
Damage 29
Speed 15 (Very Fast)
Knockback 2.75 (Very Weak)

The Vampire Knives can be found in Crimson Chests, which can be found in the Dungeon . In order to open the chest, the player will need a Crimson Key, which can be obtained by using a Crimson Key Mold , a Temple Key , and 5 Souls of Fright , Might , and Sight . Because Vampire Knives cannot have a prefix that increases their size, their best prefix is Godly. The Knives do not go on forever, when standing still, the Knives will spin and fade just outside of the screen.

A portion (~7) of the damage dealt will be returned as health to the user. The knives can hit multiple enemies or hit a single large enemy multiple times. 4-8 knives can be thrown at a time.


The knives have a huge, and seemingly random spread, making aiming them all very difficult. Despite this, it's fairly easy to survive most encounters and out-heal any damage that may be received. Especially from bosses, where the lifestealing effect of this weapon can be seen in full effect.

However, continued use of these Knives can be extremely disorienting with all that's going onscreen. It can be difficult to discern where enemy projectiles or ranged attacks may be, and the player could die from not being able to see their character among the knife storm and healing beams while they are dealing damage.


  • The Knives can be thrown through walls that are only a block thick as long as the player is standing right up against the wall.
  • Healing is not activated in PvP combat.
  • With full Turtle Armor and an Avenger Emblem , Godly Vampire Knives will do upwards of 40 damage.