Vampire Miner
Vampire Miner
Type Pre-Hardmode Enemy
Health 90 Heart
Attack 30
Defense 9
Drops 90 CopperCoin Small

Bomb Bomb 1-3 (91.2%)

Hook (crafting material) Hook (crafting material) (4%)

Mining Shirt Mining Shirt (2.4%)

Mining Pants Mining Pants (2.4%)

Bone Pickaxe Bone Pickaxe (1.33%)

Vial of Blood Vial of Blood (10%)

Vampire Miner Banner Vampire Miner Banner (0.5%)

Vampire Miners are Pre-Hardmode enemies that spawn in the cavern layer. They are the Mobile exclusive counterpart of the Undead miner. The appear to wear Mining Armor, but sprited red.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike their counterpart, they do not have a Mining Helmet, nor do they drop it.
  • They have much more attack than Undead Miners.

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