This page shows all the version updates, hotfixes, etc. pushed into the Terraria codebase. This list is still incomplete!

Current versions Edit

Platform Version Release Date
Upload icon iOS 1.2.11212 Dec 9, 2015
Upload icon Android (Google Play) 1.2.8798 May 26, 2015
Upload icon Android (Amazon) 1.2.7122 Jan 12, 2015
Upload icon Windows Phone 1.2.0 Dec 22, 2014

Change log Edit

Version & Release Date Name Changes
Rebalancing Update
  • Fixed keyboard issue that prevented users from naming characters and worlds on some devices
  • Now auto-saves every 2 minutes
  • Pearlstone Brick no longer spreads Hallow
  • Fixed bug where items equipped by client players were not synced correctly
  • Fixed bug where crafting ingredients were visible after leaving the crafting tab
  • Fixed stutter when saving a cloud-stored game
  • Lihzahrd Door can no longer be destroyed by explosives to enter the Jungle Temple early
  • Fixed issue with painting
  • Many more fixes

This build fixes critical issues where characters and worlds would not load and/or crash. In order to help you make up for lost time, players will receive a gift to compensate for potential data loss: 300 Wood, 50 Iron Bars, 50 Gel, 200 Obsidian, 200 Hellstone, 200 Gold Ore, and 30 Gold Coins.

In addition, we have the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where ingredients were rendered to large
  • Fixed issue where certain enemies would never spawn
  • Fixed issue where NPC spawning window was too big This should make the spawn behavior a lot better.
  • Fixed issue where hearts were incorrectly rendered on some devices
  • Fixed issue where crimson mobs never would drop the soul of night
  • Additional bug fixes.



  • Fixed crash for android 2.3 users
  • Fixed issue where accessories weren't being drawn
  • Fixed rendering of Jack 'O Lantern
  • Fixed issue where 'hot-using' an item would use it twice instead of once
  • NPC moving-in code fixed, Truffle NPC should move in quicker
  • Crafting now recognizes when it should use Lead Bars or Iron Bars
  • Crafting now recognizes correctly which type of Wood it should use
  • Fixed crash on suspension while in crafting screen
  • Golem now has correct values for health & damage
  • Holiday Bauble has a chance to spawn from a cut down Tree
  • Fixed Drills: Mythril, Palladium, Orichalcum, Titanium, Chlorophyte
  • Fixed issue where sell prices might not update correctly
  • Fixed issue where 1.2 items were not reforgeable
  • Fixed multiplayer issues: No HUD displayed as client, Dyes were not correctly synced
  • Fixed rare crash when returning from suspension
  • Fixed crashes related to suspending the game
  • Fixed bug where you were able to craft certain items that shouldn't be available
  • Fixed various bugged projectiles
  • Tweaked snow particles
  • Misc small performance improvements
  • Additional bug fixes.
  • Android crash fixes & other bug fixes.

1.2 Update
( PC equivalent)

Thanksgiving Update Thanksgiving seasonal event:
  • Urgent bug fixes

Oktoberfest Update
Initial Release

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