For how to beat the Wall of Flesh, see Wall of Flesh Strategies.

Wall of Flesh (Boss)
Wall of Flesh
The Wall of Flesh
Type Pre-Hardmode Boss
Health 8000 Heart
Attack 50 (Mouth)
7 - 11 (Eyes)
Defense 12 (Mouth)
0 (Eyes)
Drops 100% Chance

Healing Potion Healing Potion 5-15 (100%)

Pwnhammer Pwnhammer (100%)

Breaker Blade Breaker Blade (16.67%)

Clockwork Assault Rifle Clockwork Assault Rifle (16.67%)

Laser Rifle Laser Rifle (16.67%)

Warrior Emblem Warrior Emblem (16.67%)

Sorcerer Emblem Sorcerer Emblem (16.67%)

Ranger Emblem Ranger Emblem (16.67%)

Wall of Flesh Trophy Wall of Flesh Trophy 10(%)

The Wall of Flesh is the final Pre-Hardmode boss a player will face, as killing it activates Hardmode. When killed, it drops a lot of loot, including the Pwnhammer, which is required to break Demon Altars and unlock Hardmode Ores. 


In Terraria Mobile, to spawn in the Wall of Flesh, a Guide Voodoo Doll must be tapped on while in the Underworld and while the guide is alive. Tapping on the Guide Voodoo Doll while not in the Underworld or when the Guide is dead, the Wall of Flesh will not spawn and the Guide Voodoo Doll will be wasted. The Wall of Flesh will then spawn and approach from either the left or the right side of the Underworld.


The Wall of Flesh appears to be rightfully named, as it is a big wall consistring of two big eye and a mouth, the mouth with 10 defense and the eyes with none. 


The Wall keeps moving towards the player from one side of the underworld to the other. It deals damage when the player comes in contact with it. The Wall also has long creatures known as The Hungry, connected to the Wall by long tendrils that harm the player. The Eyes shoot lasers at the player, and the mouth spits long, wormy creatures called Leeches. The Hungry and Leeches always drop a heart (Heart), making them useful during the fight.


After the Wall of Flesh is destroyed, the loot is left in a cage built out of Demonite Bricks. Hardmode is activated, and the Corruption/Crimson and the Hallow spread quickly. As well as that, a new underground Corruption/Crimson and Hallow will spawn in a 'V' or 'X' Shape on the world map, with the biomes meeting at the center of the Underworld Ceiling.


18px-Bug Bug : Sometimes the Wall of Flesh may never spawn at all.
  • The Wall of Flesh gets faster as it takes more damage.
  • The WoF takes more damage if you aim at its eyes as its mouth has 12 defense while its eyes have no defense at all
  • Sometimes the WOF drops spawn outside of the cage.