Wandering Eye
Wandering Eye
Type Hardmode Enemy
Health 300 Heart
Attack 40
Defense 20
Drops Lens

5 SilverCoin Small

Not to be confused with Demon Eye.

The Wandering Eye is a flying enemy that spawns at night after Hardmode has been unlocked. It serves as an upgrade to the Demon Eye and shares the same AI.

When a Wandering Eye has been reduced to 150 health, its iris and pupil will split into a mouth. In this stage, it deals more damage and is much faster. This is reminiscent of the Eye of Cthulhu's second stage.


14px-Anomaly Anomaly: On its second stage, it can sometimes pass through blocks.
  • The Wandering Eye, along with Lihzahrds, is the only normal enemy with more than one phase.

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