Water Candle
Water Candle
Type Furniture/Decoration
Effects Increases Enemy Spawn Rates
Source Dungeon
Cost to buy N\A
Cost to sell N\A

The Water Candle is an item found on shelves in Dungeons, and is a recolored version of the Candle. They can be removed with any pickaxe.

When the Water Candle is placed on a surface, the monster spawn rate and total amount of monsters allowed to spawn in the world are both greatly increased. This makes it effective for players who want to farm for mob drops such as Doctor Bones or Tim, or for those who wish to increase their chances of summoning the King Slime.

Notes Edit

  • The Water Candle can be placed underwater and will continue to give light even when submerged. It may only be placed on a Wood Platform, a Table, any flat Furniture item and some blocks.
  • The Water Candle's effect stacks with the Battle Potion, doubling the effect.
  • If the player is underwater, they are still able to hold the candle and the effect still works.
  • Water candles have the same blue light effect as a blue torch.
  • The enemy increasing effect has a 48-block square radius range.
  • Multiple Water Candles will not increase the spawn rate because one candle adds the effect "Water Candle".

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