Witch Doctor (NPC)
Witch Doctor
Type Vendor
Health 250 Heart
Defense 15
Sells Blowgun Blowgun 5 GoldCoin Small

Imbuing Station Imbuing Station 7 GoldCoin Small

Fountains Fountains 0 CopperCoin Small each

Leaf Wings Leaf Wings 1 PlatinumCoin Small

Hercules Beetle Hercules Beetle 40 GoldCoin Small

Pygmy Necklace Pygmy Necklace 40 GoldCoin Small

Tiki Mask Tiki Armor 50 GoldCoin Small

Tiki Shirt Tiki Armor 50 GoldCoin Small

Tiki Pants Tiki Armor 50 GoldCoin Small

Tiki Totem Tiki Totem 2 PlatinumCoin Small

Stynger Bolt Stynger 75 CopperCoin Small

Cauldron Cauldron 1 GoldCoin Small 50 SilverCoin Small

Stake Stake 75 CopperCoin Small

The Witch Doctor comes when you defeat the Queen Bee and there is a house available for him.

Fountains will only be sold post Plantera.


  • Abibe
  • Gboto
  • Jamundi
  • Kogi-ghi
  • Konah
  • Opuni
  • Tairona
  • U'wa
  • Xirigua
  • Zop'a


  • "Which doctor am I? The Witch Doctor am I."
  • "Choose wisely, [Player Name], my commodities are volatile and my dark arts, mysterious."
  • "[Name of Nurse may help heal your body, but I can make you embody healing." (Only works if the Nurse is present)
  • "The heart of magic is nature. The nature of hearts is magic."


  • The Witch Doctor will sometimes say the Party Girls' quote, "We have to talk. It's... it's about parties."
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