Zombies are common enemies that spawn frequently during night. Zombies attack by using melee attacks.  During the night, Zombies will come to the player's home and try to break open any Wooden Door available, although they can only open doors during a Blood Moon. They can be a serious threat to new players, which makes it a good idea to build a house before the first night. They are an easy enemy to kill when they are alone, but usually appear in large groups, making them a challenge to new players.

  • Regular Zombie
  • Pincushion Zombie
  • Twiggy Zombie
  • Female Zombie
  • Raincoat Zombie
  • Spore Zombie
  • Swamp Zombie
  • Halloween Zombie
  • Slimed Zombie


  • When it becomes day, Zombies will walk off screen and de-spawn if there is nothing blocking their path. Following them will prevent them from de-spawning. During this time, they are not hostile unless they are touched.
  • Zombies don't target NPCs and will only focus on players. If, however, a Zombie walks into a NPC, he or she will take damage and can be killed
  • During a Blood Moon, about 1 in 70 Zombies are Grooms instead.
  • When it is raining during the night, Zombies will spawn wearing rain jackets. These Zombies have a chance to drop the Rain Coat and Rain Hat.